First step of a long journey

I have a goal for the end of the summer. Rather, the goal is actually an event I wish to participate in. Rather, the event doesn’t happen on a particular day, but happens whenever the participant decides to do it over the summer. I am talking about Operacion Meurto. [] It”s a 450 km journey across Manitoba, and a person has to complete it in two days. Crazy, right?

Well, I’ve been preparing for it, but I’ve recently purchased a super-awesome bike. And this bike has me sitting in a new position. (I’ve never ridden a road or CX bike before) That said, I did a 47 km ride today, and the part of my body that was upset the most were my hands. But the ride was excellent. The highlight was when I got cut off by a massive soap bubble. (Seriously, it had a two foot diameter) While I would like to say that no bubbles were harmed during my trip, this poor guy exploded as I was approaching him.

Now I just have to be able to repeat my trip four more times in a day, and I’ll be all set!

My super-awesome bike.

My super-awesome bike.

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